So you’ve just gotten your hands on some dank ass chronic blueberry yumyum supercharged and decided that this cannabis is so exceptional that you want to preserve it in its present condition for an indefinite period of time. I.e. moist and fresh

the best way to store your weed properly in 2021 so it last longer and safe / exotic420thcvapes

On how to keep your cannabis fresh and wet, there are various schools of thought. The following are three points to keep in mind:

Temperature – The best temperature for storing marijuana is 52-55 Fahrenheit (11-12 Celsius). So unless you have a fridgededicated to cannabis storage, room temperature or your standard fridge will do.However keep the weed away from below zero temperature and away from heat (unless smoking).

Air tightness – Storage in an airtight container decreases oxidation and prevents the cannabis from drying out and losing its flavor and potency.

Darkness – Keep away of direct sunlight. THC and oils in the bud are degraded by UV light, lowering the potency of the plant.

Marijuana storage units to keep it fresh:

Tupperware – For the cannabis connoisseur who wants to keep his smelly herb, Tupperware is an obvious choice. After many years of using this method, I can confidently recommend it to any pothead looking to keep their weed fresh. Tupperware with a clip seal is probably the best way to keep the container airtight. You don’t have to keep weed in the fridge; just make sure it’s kept in a cool, dry place.

Mason Jar – For those who prefer glass to plastic, a mason jar makes an excellent cannabis storage container. Ascertain that the mastic seal on the jar’s lid is not dried and hence effectively sealed.

Vacuum Bags – Storing weed in a Foodsaver vacuum bag is a brilliant method for storing marijuana on 2 levels.

1. It keeps the cannabis fresh for very long periods (months and months)

2. Vacuuming the bag reduces circulation inside the bag thus hiding the smell of weed. (Perfect for storing large amounts)

On how to keep your cannabis fresh and wet, there are various schools of thought. three tonne

Some notes for storing weed:

1. Do NOT store weed in a freezer, this will dry your weed out. (People that suggest this are clueless)

2. Do not break up large nuggets of weed as this will increase the surface area susceptible to reacting with air.

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