Is Cannabis an Antidote to COVID-19?

The coronavirus hampered all our plans in 2020 and brought the whole world to a standstill. Countries
worldwide enacted lockdowns, travel restrictions, and work-from-home policies to limit the spread of this
deadly virus. Over the last year, the COVID-19 virus has dominated headlines worldwide due to its far-
reaching health and economic impact. Even now, countries are battling the virus as daily infections
continue to break records.

The US faced a mammoth task in 2020 as record infections and deaths shook
the country. However, researchers worldwide are now considering cannabis to be an effective treatment
methodology against the COVID-19. Can hemp products help prevent the novel coronavirus? Read on to
learn more about whether Cannabis Ontario can help with your COVID-19 symptoms and what research
says about the same.

Can Hemp Products Help in the Fight Against COVID-19?

Scientists from the Texas Biomedical Institute and the University of Nebraska believe that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis are unique. These medicinal and therapeutic benefits can help such
products serve as a potential alternative treatment for lung-related issues the virus causes. While scientific
research regarding such potential is in its infancy, peer-reviewed articles highlight the impact hemp
products can make.

Additionally, the cannabis plant contains several chemical compounds with varying therapeutic and
medicinal properties. Such blend’s diverse and versatile nature makes them effective in treating several
ailments. Consumers can also choose between mind-altering and non-psychoactive ingredients, ensuring
no one is left behind. Since such products are natural and organic, they produce few side effects and work
as sustainable long-term options.

Researchers from South Carolina reported in the Frontiers in Pharmacology that THC can help prevent
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. ARDS and SEB, which acts as an enterotoxin, can be fatal in some
instances and can lead to everlasting scarring of the pulmonary tissue. Additionally, researchers also
believe that THC can help in developing a healthy lifestyle by increasing the number of healthy lung
bacteria, aiding recovering and promoting good health. Hence, there are several ways cannabis products
can help us during present times.

How Can Cannabis Help with Inflammation?

Individuals suffering from severe bouts or strains of the virus can face critical immune responses as our
bodies rush to protect themselves. As a result, our immune system goes into overdrive, releasing a
cytokine storm that floods our body with this system. Cytokines help in fighting infections by inducing
inflammation or swelling. However, in some cases, a cytokine storm can lead to severe fatigue,
inflammation, high fever, and even organ failure. Research shows that the best CBD flower can work as
an IL-6 cytokine inhibitor. As a result, hemp products can help reduce or regulate the production of
cytokines in our bodies.

Other synthetic drugs used to treat such cases include Tocilizumab, which helps clear the lung and aid in
respiratory recovery. However, such drugs cause severe side effects, including hypertriglyceridemia and
pancreatic inflammation. As a result, the medical world requires a more natural and milder alternative that
produces no side effects. Cannabidiol can work as the perfect alternative in such cases as it possesses
potent anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, unlike other cannabinoids found in cannabis, CBD is
non-psychoactive, making it safer for use.

Furthermore, Researchers state that CBD showed promising results in various pre-clinical trials testing its efficacy in
treating several chronic inflammatory diseases. Also, one drug containing Cannabidiol already has FDA
approval and helps treat a rare form of pediatric epilepsy. Hence, as more research regarding CBD’s anti-
inflammatory properties come to light, the FDA might take a similar approach. Since such products
produce few side effects, they can serve as a mild form of treatment in several cases.

Cannabis to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

The last year has been the toughest to fathom and overcome for millions worldwide using any products
containing. As the novel coronavirus lay medical infrastructures worldwide to waste, millions of lives
succumbed as a result. Hence, the last year has been physically and mentally taxing for individuals, and
many do not have their loved ones nearby for support. However, it has been even harder for people
struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety, stress, and depression. With the virus keeping
families apart and making it more challenging to receive mental support, millions feel stressed and burnt
Several studies have shown that Cannabidiol can act as a potent neural and muscle relaxant. Hence, hemp
extracts can help calm our nerves and muscles, helping us relax during these troubled times. Additionally,
Cannabidiol is also a strong Neuroprotectant that can prevent neural damage and degeneration.
Individuals who find it impossible to focus or stay active can rely on such products to regain their energy
and mental clarity.

Stress and anxiety can also make it challenging to get the sleep our body requires every night. However,
this kick starts a vicious cycle as lack of sleep can cause even more stress, worries and is a sign of
depression in rare cases. Products containing hemp extracts can solve this problem by preventing
insomnia and making it easier for us to fall asleep. These products work as muscle relaxants that calm our
nerves and help us sleep more efficiently, providing us with the rest our bodies need.

Should We Use Hemp Products During These Times?

Studies also indicate that Cannabidiol boosts interferon production, which helps our bodies fight external
infections and regain health. However, scientists need further evidence and research to solidify their
opinions and better understand the medical benefits of hemp. Hence, consumers must consult a doctor
before using any products containing hemp extracts. Doing so will help prevent adverse drug reactions
and ensure that you do not experience any side effects.

While extensive inflammation caused by cytokines is challenging to manage, reducing them can impact
our bodies negatively. Since these compounds are integral in fighting infections, reducing them
preventively before the onset of diseases can be dangerous. Consumers must consider such details before
excessively consuming hemp products and must consult a doctor to gain more insight.

Closing Thoughts

Further human research and clinical trials will help researchers definitively answer how cannabis can help
in the battle against COVID-19. Until those answers come in, users must be careful about their cannabis
consumption. Since these infections primarily target our respiratory systems, users must avoid smoking
any products during these times. While cigarettes are an absolute no-go, consumers should restrict their
vaping and smoking of hemp to lower their risk. Instead, individuals should opt for more lung-friendly
options, such as CBD edibles, tinctures, oils, pills, and capsules. These products will enable users to enjoy
the benefits of hemp without causing any respiratory ailments.

However, cannabis can provide various holistic benefits to users during these troubled times. Whether it
is your anxiety, inflammation, or insomnia, Cannabidiol can work as an effective treatment when
administered under the guidance of a professional. Hopefully, further research will help shed some light
on how such products can become an alternative medical treatment. Until that happens, let us know in the
comments below how cannabis and hemp products are helping you cope during these times!

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