Butter/Budder/Batter/Badder – Extraction – Exotic420thcvapes

Butter/Budder/Batter/Badder – Extraction – Exotic420thcvapes


Buy Budder Online at Exotic420thcvapes. Budder can be enjoyed in a diversity (variety) of ways, most commonly using a dabber and taking dabs. Budder has many names, sometimes we called “badder” or “batter”, which is a cannabis concentrate. What is the thing who makes budder popular, that it is easy to work with and it retains much of its natural flavors? We offer the highest quality budder in Extoic420thcvapes!


Badder is a cannabis concentrate with a soft, solid consistency similar to a stick of butter. Badder is one of the numerous concentrate textures and appears in Rosin and in many solvent-based extractions. Badders formed from high-quality cannabis are bright blond and express strong but smooth flavors.

Supplemental Peanut Butters w/ Probiotic + Prebiotic, Hip + Joint, and Stress + Anxiety BUDDER BOOSTERS ( a little something extra w/ every lick)

✔️ No hydrogenated oil, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, xylitol, added sugar or salt. Refrigerate for a thicker consistency.

✔️PEANUT BUTTER dog supplement treat that they love licking from a spoon or right out the jar. You can add on top of sliced bananas or apples.

✔️ TREAT YOUR DOG by making BUDDY BUDDER baked dog treats and/or use to make frozen treats with a silicone mold.

✔️DOGGO’S love when you add it to a kong, toy, bone marrow, bully stick , lick pad or lick mat. It helps with chewing and separation anxiety. Also you use to distract during bath time or nail trimmings.

✔️ PAWRENTS fix to the pill battle! Do you a pup who has to take pills? You can refrigerate for thicker consistency and roll into balls to become a pill pocket and down the hatch it goes. TA DA!

Dogs ask for so little but deserve so much! Give them the peanut butter they deserve! Since peanut butter + dogs are a match made in heaven it only seemed logical to create an all natural dog, no preservative, 100% dog friendly peanut butter for the fur bae’s.

Trust us when we say it’s doggone good! BUDDY BUDDER provides your 4 legged friend with a wholesome snack made with only wholesome ingredients! No artificial flavors, preservatives, or stabilizers. Just PAWSOME delicious peanut butter for a good licking’ time for your pet(s).


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