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The Mars OG strain is an Indica strain that might be beneficial for pre-bedtime meditation. When medicating during the day, its strong effects, like many of the other OG strains, can put you in a relaxed state. For individuals who suffer from sleeplessness, the Mars OG strain is a good choice. It may also help people suffering from OCD, PTSD, depression, and other mental illnesses. The Mars OG marijuana strain produces a powerful body buzz, which is followed by profound body-mind relaxation and drowsiness. Improves attention, raises mood and promotes chattiness. Relieves tension, has analgesic effects, aids in sleep, and increases hunger.
Mars OG is a marijuana strain that is a hybrid between Mars and OG Kush.
Sativa / Indica Ratio Indica Dominant Sativa/Indica Hybrid (20% Sativa/80% Indica)
The average THC/CBD level is 16.00/20.00 percent. 0.54/1.00 percent THC CBN/CBD ratio of 0.05/0.45



About Mars OG Strain

Mars OG is an Indica dominating hybrid strain that developed in the California bay region and provides a spacey stone with a hefty body buzz. It has a strong, earthy citrus perfume that is pleasing to the nostrils. Mars OG’s rich taste is that original OG Kush flavor, and it is sure to evoke thoughts of nostalgia. The THC content is generally around 15% – 16%.

Furthermore, strains with planetary namesakes are more likely to have begun their life cycle indoors before being relocated outside. As a result, the growth cycle comes to an end in more natural settings. As a result, it has a high flower-to-leaf ratio, a strong smoke that strikes harder, and a longer-lasting stone. All of the planetary strains are said to be phenotypes of the old-school original OG Kush.

Furthermore, Mars OG has profoundly green buds that are abundantly coated in red and orange hairs, providing a visual link to its planetary namesake. The trichomes’ softly shimmering trichomes are a delight to behold. Even among its planetary equivalents, it is regarded as strong. Two tokes are all that is required to experience the effects of Mars OG, and each subsequent toke appears to lengthen the duration of the effects.

Taste & Smell


Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth


Lab Data
Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 16%

Medical Benefits

However, Mars OG is an excellent insomnia treatment, lulling consumers into a deep, peaceful slumber. It may also be used to reduce tension and is a good pain reliever in general. Another medical purpose for Mars OG is to assist people to control anxiety, and it may even be useful in treating symptoms linked with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. It can also help people suffering from epilepsy, either by avoiding seizures or providing respite from the agonizing post-seizure condition. Users will feel calm, elated, and most likely drowsy. Since it is commonly associated with ‘couch-lock,’ it is advisable to indulge at nighttime, or on lazy days with a little schedule.

What Effect Will The Mars OG Cannabis Strain Have On Me?

Mars OG was one of the first strains I tested when I initially became a medical marijuana user in California. I’ll never forget it, even though it wasn’t quite as memorable as my first brush with Sour Diesel.

The batch of Mars OG I encountered at SFVDM did not have the same cherry flavor that had previously made me fall in love with the Mars OG strain. Instead, the terpene profile clearly influenced pinene.
In addition, I detected a little chemical flavor, which might have resulted from the use of pesticides and/or non-organic farming practices. Unfortunately, the flowers were not lab-tested for safety, so I am cautious to offer them to anyone with delicate respiratory systems.

Nonetheless, the symptoms I felt when medicating with this batch of Mars OG began with a somewhat hazy head high. However, after approximately 45 minutes, a relaxing body buzz kicked in, making it an excellent choice before bed.
As a result, I would recommend the Mars OG strain to individuals who suffer from sleeplessness. It may also help patients suffering from OCD, PTSD, or despair.

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