Mars OG

Mars OG

The Mars OG strain is an indica strain that can be great when meditating before bed. Like many of the planetary OG strains, its heavy effects can put you in a relaxing zone when medicating during the day. The Mars OG strain is a solid option for those who suffer from insomnia. It may also be beneficial for those suffering from OCD, PTSD, depression, and more. Mars OG marijuana strain induces strong body buzz followed by deep body-mind relaxation and sedation. Uplifts mood, prompts chattiness, improves focus. Relieves stress, has good analgesic properties, helps with insomnia, stimulates appetite.
Mars OG cannabis strain is a cross between Mars and OG Kush.
Indica / Sativa Ratio
Indica Dominant Hybrid (20% Sativa / 80% Indica)
Average THC / CBD Level
16.00/20.00% THC 0.54/1.00% CBD 0.05/0.45% CBN

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About Mars OG Strian

Mars OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that offers a spacey, stone with a heavy body buzz and originated in the California bay area. it has a pungent, earthy citrus aroma; a pleasant scent for the nostrils. The taste of Mars OG will likely conjure feelings of nostalgia, its rich taste is that classic OG Kush flavor. The THC content  is generally around 15% – 16%.

Furthermore, Strains with planetary namesakes generally mean they began their life-cycle indoors, until later being moved outdoors. This causes the growth cycle to end in more natural conditions. As a result, it has a high flower-to-leaf ratio with a powerful smoke that hits harder and a stone that has a longer duration. The planetary strains are rumored to all be phenotypes off the old-school classic – OG Kush.

Inaddition, Mars OG features deeply green buds which are generously covered in red and orange hairs, a visual connection to its planetary namesake. The faintly glistening trichomes are a visual sight to behold. It is considered powerful even amongst its planetary counterparts. Two tokes are all one needs to feel the effects of Mars OG, and each additional toke seems to extend the duration of the effects.

medical benefit of Mars og strain

Mars OG is a great fighter of insomnia, helping lull users into a deep, relaxed sleep. It can also be used to alleviate stress and proves to be a generally effective pain reliever. Another medicinal application for Mars OG is helping users manage anxiety levels, and it can even prove effective in treating symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. it can also prove effective for those afflicted with epilepsy, either preventing seizures entirely or providing relief in the uncomfortable post-seizure state. Users will feel relaxed, euphoric, and likely rather sleepy as well. Since it is commonly associated with ‘couch-lock,’ it is advisable to indulge at nighttime, or on lazy days with little schedule.

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